Your Background Is Important


When you started dating online, can you remember how many successful dates you ended up with. And why are we even talking in numbers. Because have you not yet met ‘the one’. Could this have something to do with your background? Was it something that you said? No, not at all. You forgot to do this. Or perhaps the omission was deliberate, must have had something to hide. Blow them away with your honesty. 

background screening

You might find this surprising somehow, but there are still people out there who value honesty. And you could even take it with a pinch of salt by adopting this attitude. If they don’t like it, they can lump it. You would have lost nothing at the end of the day, except wasting precious time online perhaps. But there is every possibility of you gaining down the line. So, the next time you are required or compelled to fill out some background details about yourself just tell the truth already.

Tell otherwise and you will be outed, one way or another. And it might just hurt you then. Forget about online dating for now. You might have bigger priorities in life right now. Like finding a good, steady job. Potentially good and long-term dates would appreciate that much about you. Use background screening to create an honest to good profile about yourself.

Don’t worry about all the black marks you pick up along the way. Better you do now than someone else finding out later. Here is your opportunity to fix and erase past transgressions as cleanly, as quickly, as smoothly, as accurately, and as honestly as possible. Honesty is still the best policy, didn’t you know. And the truth will set you free. Didn’t you know?