Cleanup Tips For Remodeling Projects


When we start a remodeling project it can become overwhelming.  The destruction, construction and the constant in and out of people can start to make you reconsider your decision to even start the project.  However, you envision what the end product will look like and that is what keeps you motivated.

When it comes to keeping your sanity in these situations you want to focus on construction clean up services in Oklahoma City.  When you focus your energy on having the place clean, you can see the progress that is happening all around you in the chaos.

Open windows

You want to open your windows and allow fresh air to come into your space.  If you have closed windows or if you don’t have adequate air flow, then you be overcome with the dust and dirt that is flowing in the air.  When we have fresh air, the entire environment feels better

Sweep first

When you clean up your area you want to start with sweeping.  When you can take the large areas of dirt and debris and put them into smaller more manageable piles then you can work well with them.  If you have everything scattered all over the place it seems like an enormous task that will never end.

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Take large items to the dumpster

When you have large pieces of debris such as drywall or wood, you don’t want to leave them laying around.  If you do, people could trip and get injured.  If you have boards that have nails sticking out of them, take a hammer and knock them down.  When you take these items to the dumpster they are not cluttering up the space and becoming a hazard for people to trip over.

Do a final walkthrough

Before you’re done for the day, make sure that you take some time to do a final walk through.  This will allow you to ensure that nothing is laying around that could cause damage or hinder work from starting the next day.